What Patients Need to Remember After Leaving the Hospital-New tools help patients retain critical information -Dec 1 WSJ article

This is a great article. I heard about this from the Innovation Fund people at NSLI Hospitals earlier this summer. The technology is rudimentary at best, a computer on a cart set up with video camera to do the recording.

It highlights a significant point of care issue that is patients recall less than 10% of what they are told in the exam room. This limited understanding creates a $300B problem in healthcare. Today a much more accessible and elegant solution created for all clinicians by clinicians is already in the market and FREE to clinicians called Liberate Health and can be downloaded for an iPad in the iTunes app store. Liberate includes illustrative content created by category thought leaders to provide a roadmap for the clinicians with the ability to record educational encounters. Liberate also has video recording capability so a review of an MRI or Xray is part of the functionality of the platform. All information is stored on a HIPAA compliant system and the patient can access the recording over and over again as well as share it with caregiver, spouse etc. Liberate is already used by Thousands of clinicians to improve patient education and clinical outcomes.