What is it?

Liberate Health is a revolutionary, point-of-care patient education platform that is FREE to HCPs:

  • Gives HCPs a redefined patient engagement and education influence.
  • Gives patients a truly personal educational resource, increasing their understanding and empowering patients to take a more active role in managing their health.

Liberate Health delivers the right information at the right time to improve patient understanding and adherence. This, in turn, can liberate HCPs from unnecessary callbacks and follow-ups, improving productivity—with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes.


Make the most of your limited time

HCPs typically have just 11 minutes to spend with a patient in an office visit. And just 49 seconds to tell patients what they need to know about taking a new medication. Add to that the fact that 89 million adults are unable to process and understand basic health information, and it’s no surprise that a mere 10% of what a patient is told at point of care is recalled accurately. Liberate Health was designed to change that dynamic.


How does it work?

For HCP: Teach-and-send. It’s a mobile app for use at point-of-care to ensure initial patient comprehension of their condition and recommended treatment. The content consists of easy-to-understand infographic-style disease/treatment education decks, which are developed in collaboration with leading Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and associations to ensure that each one is current, credible, and consistent.


The mobile app allows the HCP to highlight or elaborate during the presentation with the touch-screen annotation feature. The presentation and dialogue with the patient are recorded to generate an audio-visual patient visit record (PVR) of this important teaching moment. The PVR is sent to the secure Liberate Health portal, to be accessed privately by the patient.

For Patient: The PVR is a virtual house call, which reinforces the education, discussions, decisions, and plans that took place during their office visit.


The patient downloads the PVR from the password-protected portal to review as many times as needed, or to share with family or a caregiver to help better manage their treatment and improve their health outcomes.