Top iPhone Apps for Doctors

Nowadays, there is a wealth of mobile medical apps available for healthcare professionals. Given the widespread adoption of mobile technology, apps are now used as tools to assist healthcare providers and help to improve overall care delivery. Here are some of the top-rated apps available for doctors and healthcare professionals.

The Merck Manual Professional Edition

The Merck Manual is very popular among healthcare providers. Essentially, the app is a medical reference textbook converted into an electronic format. The main areas of focus are pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment. Features of the app include information on the organ system, an index of diseases and a symptom list with images. The app is easy to use and is suitable for all people working in the healthcare industry, from medical students to fully-qualified doctors.

MedPage Today

MedPage Today is a fantastic app that allows you to keep up to date with the latest medical news and developments. Users are able to select their specific discipline and the news will be tailored accordingly. Users can save their favourite news sources and access hundreds of comprehensive medical articles. The app also contains many video and audio options for the majority of news reports.


MicroMedex is a comprehensive drug information database that contains over 4,500 search terms that can be accessed even without the Internet. The app contains information on dosage, common trade names, monitoring, drug supply, precautions, toxicology and much more.

Calculate by QxMD

Calculate by QxMD is one of the most popular medical calculator apps on the market, and is available to download for free. The app features over 150 unique calculators depending on what area you work in; it’s very easy to use and has plenty of options to help you manage, treat and diagnose patients.


Even though it is not classified as a medical app, many healthcare professionals say they use DropBox for work. The app is a great PDF storage solution, allowing doctors to easily store, manage and share files with their colleagues. Files from the computer can also be synced with the mobile phone app.

Liberate Health

Of course we want to include our revolutionary patient education app on this list!  Liberate Health is a free iPad-based platform for Healthcare Professionals to educate their patients at point of care.  Download it today and join the revolution!