Three key questions on POC-Richard Nordstrom addresses #2

Patient engagement at POC

Patient engagement at POC

1. How important will point of care (POC) channels be for marketers in 2018? Where will they find the most value?
2. What new developments/innovations in the point of care channel can marketers expect in 2018 that could be game-changing?
3.What are the biggest challenges facing marketers in the point of care space in 2018, and how can they overcome them?

Point of care patient engagement is an essential media channel for inclusion in every integrated media plan. Technology and distribution at POC will continue to improve as will the importance of participation by pharma. POC marketing is going to expand because technology is changing the in-office experience.

We received fantastic market insight about the value of recording the HCP patient conversations from a recent JAMA article. It showed “15% of patients are recording discussions and the motivation is reasonable: Patients want to listen again to improve their recall and share the information with family.”1

Innovative POC technology along with impactful distribution will be used to increase recording activity and put control of the conversation into the hands of more HCPs. Some insurers provide physicians who record a 10% reduction in the cost of medical defense along with $1 million dollars in extra liability coverage. Pharma companies are able to leverage this channel to increase the presence of their highly valued education content to improve treatment adherence and health outcomes. The emergence of these platforms are a win-win for patients, doctors, pharma, and insurers.


1. “Can Patients Make Recordings of Medical Encounters? What Does the Law Say?” July 10, 2017. doi:10.1001/jama.2017.7511.