Sending a PVR

Once you are done reviewing the educational deck with your patient, you have a have several options to save and/or share the patient visit record (PVR) with your patient. You can:

  1. Send the PVR to the patient (a great option to help remind your patient of what you discussed during the office visit)
  2. Save the deck for future patient sessions (a good option for times where there is no patient specific information)
  3. Play a video to use for patient self-education in the office (a good option if you are short on time or have additional information to share with a patient)


Sharing the PVR with a patient is simple and safe. It’s securely stored on a HIPPA-compliant, cloud based website. All you have to do is send the PVR to the Liberate Health cloud and the rest happens automatically. An email from Liberate Health is generated and sent your patient inviting them to register, which will give them access to their file. On the site, patients will have their own secure folder that they can access as often as they like. And, if they want, they can share their PVR with other clinicians and their caregivers and family members.