Ready… and Action!

The audio recording functionality gives you a new level of communication in your patient education arsenal. You can record the conversation with your patients with the confidence of knowing your patients will go home fully informed with your information and instruction waiting for them in an email from Liberate Health that they can review multiple times and share with their family and caregivers. This will ensure your direction is heard more than once, which leads to greater adherence and compliance.


The audio recording begins automatically once your presentation has fully loaded into the app. If you want to start recording right away, you don’t have to do anything more than begin your discussion with your patient.

photo 1

If you choose not to record audio with your patient, you can always mute the recording and continue your discussion with your patient.

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You can also turn the audio recording back on if you want to record only portions of your conversation for your patients to review at home.

For more information about Liberate Health functionality, please watch our video.