Physician and Patient Use of Mobile at POC Increases Daily

Liberate Health, our POC patient education platform, is seeing increased adoption every day.  Having just launched in January 2014, we have achieved almost 10,000 patient encounters by more than 700 HCPs at point of care.  We take great pride in being part of the revolution that mobile is having in health care. 

Nowadays, technology is all around us and is widely adopted in a number of industries. In health care mobile technology is seeing significant increases in usage by physicians and patients alike to significantly enhance care delivery.

Mobile is now heavily integrated within the healthcare industry, so much so that it has become standard practice for both physicians and patients. Mobile devices are being increasingly used at the point-of-care (POC) to help with administrative, technical and medical tasks. It may be that the physician needs quick-access to a patient’s health records, or the patient may have required some information that can be explained by the use of a mobile device.

In this way, mobile is changing physician-patient engagement, as physicians are able to educate, inform and evaluate patients at the POC. Mobile devices allow physicians to access and deliver real-time information efficiently and effectively. As a result, this makes communication between patient and physician both more personal and more interactive.

Last year, Digitas Health conducted a survey among 2,000 patients and healthcare providers. Its findings revealed that nearly 80% of patients access health information from a mobile device while they are in a healthcare environment. This figure clearly illustrates patients’ trust and reliance on devices to keep them well-informed regarding their healthcare.

The survey also revealed that 100% of patients accessing mobile from the POC would consider using an app that was recommended by their physician, which further illustrates the level of trust for these types of devices.

As mobile technology continues to evolve, the overall quality and functionality of the devices continues to improve; this means that the increasing use of mobile at POC will carry on contributing to the overall improvement of the healthcare industry.