Liberate ORCHA Approval

ORCHA is the UK Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps) which helps health and social care organisations choose and prescribe health apps that will safely and securely make the biggest impact. ORCHA’s objective reviews evaluate 260 aspects of an app, spanning clinical assurance, data privacy and user experience, enabling them to give each app an overall score. You can read more about the ORCHA review here.

Health professionals and users spot apps that exceed the ORCHA 65% quality threshold, after they provide a badge to developers. It represents a huge achievement, and will help people to quickly and easily recognise that Liberate apps have a good performance level across ORCHA criteria.

Liberate Health, achieved an ORCHA Score of 70%, which is fantastic!

Here is the actual review (iOS: @OrchaHealth #mHealth #digitalhealth #patientengagement #patienteducation