Liberate Ideas Launches Digital Clinician Advisors

To further enhance the engagement between healthcare professionals and patients to improve health outcomes, Liberate Ideas, Inc. announced the launch of its Digital Clinician Advisory (DCA) group, led by David Lee Scher, MD. 

“Patient engagements that lead to long-term health behavior improvement are reliant on effective communication between the clinician and patient,” said Richard Nordstrom, CEO of LiberateIdeas. “At present, digital health information for patients is highly variable as to reliability, ease of access, awareness by providers and cost effectiveness. While clinicians remain the front-line sources of information for patients, their opinions, preferences, content, and use of point-of-care digital tools have not been adopted on a wide-scale basis. Our DCA group will help correct this disparity.”

Dr. Scher is widely recognized as a leader in the mHealth and digital healthcare space.  DCA’s primary role is to advise Liberate in product development, providing insightful clinical input– considering its target population, users, competitive products, healthcare practice and industry trends, as well as pertinent regulatory and reimbursement issues.

The DCA is comprised of people with decades of experience in patient care which will be applied to optimize Liberate’s clinician-mediated, point-of-care mHealth platform: Liberate Health.  In addition to their product development advisory roles to Liberate, DCA will provide Liberate Consult services, an offering to the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare ecosystem stakeholders. In this capacity, DCA will lead engagements with clients desiring to engage Digital Clinician Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to demonstrate efficacy, assistance with design and implementation of clinical trials in mHealth. DCA’s added consulting experience in the mHealth and digital health marketplace provides a unique network for partnership and diversification opportunities.

 “Working together with incredible, thought leading digital clinicians has led us to this new level of collaboration. Having already explored many perceptions of our digital patient education tools, we are incredibly psyched to continue to push the boundaries on how they may help us enhance the clinician-patient encounter at point of care in order to truly define ‘patient engagement’ in today’s digital, patient-centric environment,” said Nordstrom. “We are honored to have these individuals join our team. It gives Liberate fantastic recognition and validation that great ideas and clinical utility can drive market change.”

About David Lee Scher, MD Dr. Scher is a digital health technology consultant who advises on full lifecycle development, adoption and integration of new technology. His panoply of experiences as cardiologist, clinical investigator, institutional IRB Chair, and member of a Medicare Advisory Committee combine to provide clients with unique insights. Scher is Chair of the HIMSS Mobile Health Roadmap Task Force.  He was a pioneer adopter of remote patient monitoring and its data integration with electronic health records. Dr. Scher is a syndicated blogger dedicated to accelerating the adoption of quality and proven mobile technologies into the entire spectrum of healthcare.

About Liberate Ideas Inc.

Liberate Ideas is a Delaware based C corporation, service organization and software developer focused on mHealth with the mission of enhancing the engagement between healthcare professionals and patients to improve health outcomes. Through our consulting offering and by creating proprietary, free, mobile and web-based, point-of-care patient education platforms that are continually updated, Liberate delivers digital tools into the hands of clinicians and their patients; and harnesses actionable, real-time data to drive insights.


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