Liberate Ideas and HealthNuts Media Announce Joint Partnership

Liberate Ideas, announces a joint business development agreement with Health Nuts Media (HNM), an interactive health engagement company and digital content provider.

“We have very synergistic missions,” said Richard Nordstrom, CEO Liberate Ideas, “and have put together this joint business development venture to incorporate Health Nuts Media video content in key condition areas such as asthma, diabetes, oncology, vaccines, etc., onto the Liberate Health platform.” The video content is now available for clinicians to use on the Liberate Health mobile app.

“We believe the Liberate Health platform allows us a new distribution channel and puts our “seriously fun” animated health content into the hands of clinicians at point of care,” said Tim Jones, CEO of HNM.

“Our short-term goal is to conduct pilots with clinicians in organized provider systems to prove that point-of-care patient education and engagement will improve patient and caregiver understanding, satisfaction and, most importantly, health outcomes,” said Dr. Gregg Alexander, Chief Medical Officer of HNM.

About Liberate Ideas Inc.

Liberate Ideas, Inc. is a Delaware based corporation driven by the mission to improve health outcomes.  By creating a host of free, mobile and web-based, point-of-care patient education platforms that are continually updated, Liberate Health delivers digital tools into the hands of clinicians and their patients; and harnesses actionable, real-time data to drive insights.


About Health Nuts Media Health Nuts Media creates friendly animated health education solutions customized to work in a variety of settings and applications to inspire healthy results. We know, and research shows, that animation can work very effectively to deliver health information in a fun, easy-to-understand way. Our animated content can be used in games, mobile apps, and surveys and incorporated into multimedia campaigns to engage patients in clinics, physicians’ offices, in hospitals and at home. For more information, visit


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