Revolutionizing Point-of-Care Education

Liberate Health is a revolutionary, point-of-care patient education platform that allows Healthcare Professionals to improve patient education and outcomes.  It also is an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to partner with Healthcare Professionals and their patients to deliver the right information at the right time to improve patient understanding and adherence.


InsideUIEnables you to simply provide up-to-date and best practice information about your therapy to the right patients and HCPs  at the right time

Improves patient understanding about therapy at Point of Care visits, thereby enabling you to play an important part in strengthening the physician-patient relationship

Your sponsorship helps increase the HCP’s  productivity, with fewer call-backs, return visits and follow-ups on patients who do not understand their treatment

Your participation helps empower patients to take a more active part in their health management, with the goal of improving outcomes

The platform has two components:

For HCP: A mobile app that healthcare professionals use at point of care to ensure initial patient comprehension of their condition and recommended treatment. The content leverages infographic information (organized into decks) that are developed in collaboration with leading Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and associations to ensure that each teaching curriculum is current, credible, and consistent.



The mobile app allows the HCP with the patient to create a patient visit record (PVR) that is generated when they have a teaching moment (audio, annotation, notes, attachments, etc. are layered onto the infographic deck).

For Patient: The PVR is a video record of the education, discussions, decisions, and plans that took place during their visit.












Once generated the PVR is sent to the Liberate Health portal for the patient to review and share with family or caregiver to help better manage their treatment and improve their health outcomes.