Download the free Liberate Health app on your iPad™ and improve your patient educational encounters.

“My patients are telling me the visuals are very cool and they learned more about their condition today than ever before”

— HCP, LiberateHealth user

Patients accurately recall just 10% of what they’re told in an office visit. 

Until now! Liberate Health helps improve your patients’ understanding, which leads to following your directions more precisely and, in turn, to better outcomes.

With Liberate Health on your iPad™, you teach with easy-to-understand infographics. Your conversation is captured in real time for your patient to review over and over at home—so that your instructions can be followed.

Liberate Health also meets the 3 pillars of Meaningful Use by providing you:

  • A post-visit clinical summary
  • E-communication of health information and clinical
  • A secure means to engage patients and their families in their health

Download Liberate Health on your iPad™, free, now, and try it yourself.