Every patient interaction is an opportunity to educate

Meet Frank

Frank is a 54 year old police officer, who, before undergoing, came into the office to see Dr. Elliott for a preoperative consult. The objective of a preoperative evaluation is not to “clear” patients for surgery, but rather to assess and, if necessary, take steps to manage the overall health of patients and, ultimately, improve outcomes.

• Patient name: Frank Simmons
• Age: 54 years
• Weight: 172 lbs
• Abnormal EKG tracing

Yet, because of two concerning findings—an abnormal EKG and abnormal blood pressure elevations—surgery is cancelled. Plans are made to send Frank home with a prescription and an appointment to return to the office for an outpatient stress test the next day.

But is that’s not all. Dr. Elliott needed to better understand the underlying cause of these symptoms and take measures to manage them appropriately he also wants to make certain that Frank understands what is going on—his condition and the newly prescribed medications—and this is where and when Dr. Elliott recognized that a teachable moment had emerged.


Make each moment a teachable one

Dr. Elliott reached for his iPad and launched the Liberate Health app, an IOS platform that allows him to educate his patients at the point of care. From here, Dr. Elliott chose to teach with a deck. He quickly navigated through the condition library and selected the Hypertension deck.

“Frank,” Dr. Elliott began, “I would like to use this program to help you understand a bit more about your condition, hypertension. We can record our conversation and I can give you access to it so that you can refer to it later as a reminder of the information that we covered.” The infographic style catches Frank’s eye and he encouraged Dr. Elliott to start.

Dr. Elliott started teaching with the Hypertension deck and the conversation began. Frank just listened at first, but then started to ask many questions. With the ability to start and stop the app, Dr. Elliott chose to record only the information that would help Frank the most during this early stage of his condition. This approach enabled Dr. Elliott to make a personalized tutorial for Frank.

After the discussion, Dr. Elliott entered Frank’s email address and hits send. Frank took out his iPhone and saw that he received an invitation to review his patient visit record (PVR) on the secure, cloud-based Liberate Health platform. To gain access, Frank just logged on and created an account—and now can access his PVR, which reinforces the education, discussions, decisions, and plans that took place during his office visit and he can review it as many times as needed.

The benefits of Liberate Health

With Liberate Health, clinicians, like Dr. Elliott, have an innovative and interactive tool that encourages patients to become active participants in their own healthcare.

Liberate Health offers a range of easy-to-understand infographic-style disease/treatment education decks, which are developed in collaboration with leading Key Opinion Leaders and associations to ensure that each one is current, credible, and consistent. The mobile app has many features that allow the clinician to highlight or elaborate key areas of information. The presentation and dialogue with the patient are recorded to generate an audio-visual patient visit record of this important teaching moment.

Make the most of the teaching moments in your practice: use Liberate Health to deliver the right information at the right time to improve outcomes in your patients.