To open the lines of communication with patients, you have to close the loop!

Depending on which article you read or who you talk to, patient portals are either the greatest triumph in healthcare today or they have totally failed to garner needed traction among clinicians and patients. We are so quick to unrealistically elevate expectations and equally as hasty to admit defeat.

The truth, however, lies right in the middle of this spectrum. Patient portals are steadfastly becoming an important component of healthcare today. And, from what we have seen with Liberate Health, with one simple step, the scale can be tipped in favor of success: be certain to complete the entire communication loop.

Don’t let your patients forget what you discussed during their office visit

Once patients leave your office, there is too great a chance that they will forget or misconstrue the information you provided to them at the point of care.

With Liberate Health, you not only have ability to review important disease state and treatment information with your patients at point-of-care, you also have the ability to personalize it in a Patient Visit Record (PVR), a custom digital archive of the conversation between you and your patient. It’s created while you’re educating patients. All you have to do is send it to the patient portal once you’re done. It’s really as simple as that.

 The Liberate Health portal offers patients a secure online environment where they can access and review their PVR in the comfort of their own home, as often as they would like. 

Since our launch, Liberate Health has been used by thousands of clinicians in many different practice settings across many different conditions. And the good news is that patients want to be empowered in their own healthcare and are eager to review the discussion that occurred in the office when at home. In fact, when the PVR is sent to the patient portal, nearly 40% of patients access this information.

So, keep using the Liberate Health educational decks—and be confident that your patient will appreciate it when you send the PVR to the secure, cloud-based Liberate Health platform.