Every year Jobs for Americas Graduates (JAG) host a National meeting in Washington D.C. and each time I come back inspired by the young people, the extraordinary Job Specialist and the devoted public servants that I meet. It is so encouraging to see the results of the great work the organization does with High Risk […]

Digital Patient Engagement

Bio-Pharma marketers must create purposeful content in order to truly connect with both the HCP and patients if they want to drive behavior change There is a movement that is slowly gaining traction with bio-pharma marketers. Providing content that imparts value to the healthcare professional is more important than brand literature. Although this seems like […]

‘Point Of Care’ Is Quickly Becoming A Primary Solution For Rx Marketing

by Traver Hutchins- Reprinted from Media Post/Healthcare/Marketing Oct 6, 2015 Pharma has long been characterized as lagging behind the rest of the marketing industry in terms of branding effectiveness and overall media impact. Regulatory guidelines in the industry are the largest contributor to this delta. While regulatory restraints continue to give an unfair advantage to […]

Helping Patients Through Visual and Audio Information

“We throw paper and words at patients and it is crazy to think they will understand” — Brian Jack Chief of Family Medicine at Boston Medical Center An observant article in the Wall Street Journal last Monday finally acknowledged how clinicians can reduce and redefine a significant, chronic point of care issue: patients recall less […]

Is Inclusive Geo-Fencing the Future at Point of Care?

Crafting a Multichannel and Multi-Device Approach In healthcare marketing circles, Geo-Fencing is a current buzzword. A geo-fence is a “virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area that can be dynamically generated”—as in a radius around a store or point location– or it can be a predefined set of boundaries where engagement can be made with […]

Pharma’s Important Role in the Patient Journey

Liberate Ideas’ CEO, Richard Nordstrom, joins other experts in patient engagement in a recent article in PharmaVoice, The Patient Journey – Moments of Care.  Read why the unanimous conclusion of all is that true patient-centricity is a huge challenge, but as one of those stakeholders, the pharma industry should play a central role.  Download the article at […]

Join Us at the Princeton Life Sciences Summit

Liberate Ideas will join Ernst & Young, and payers, providers, and pharmaceutical companies to explore moving beyond patient adherence to patient centricity.  See what’s happening on the leading edge of Patient Engagement at this FREE symposium. Panelist will share the learning’s and best practices of payers, providers, and pharmaceutical companies who have incorporated patient centricity […]

New Clinically Proven Educational Videos

Liberate Health now provides educational videos developed by Health Nuts Media (HNM), an interactive health engagement company and digital content provider. Log on to the app on your iPad to view these videos and to play them for your patients in the office or send them home for your patients to review on their own.       […]

New Year, New Content Available!

We have been busy building new content for the Liberate Health platform! You will find 75 new condition decks in a variety of categories and specialties for you to use with your patients. To view all the new content within many new specialties, please login to the Liberate Health app on your iPad and enhance […]

Liberate Ideas and HealthNuts Media Announce Joint Partnership

Liberate Ideas, announces a joint business development agreement with Health Nuts Media (HNM), an interactive health engagement company and digital content provider. “We have very synergistic missions,” said Richard Nordstrom, CEO Liberate Ideas, “and have put together this joint business development venture to incorporate Health Nuts Media video content in key condition areas such as […]