Alpha MD and Liberate Ideas Establish a Partnership to Launch Liberate Health patient education platform in the UK’s NHS.

NEW YORK, NY & LONDON, UK, April 30th 2019 (Newswire) — Alpha MD, a London-based global leader in healthcare research analytics and consulting, and Liberate Ideas, Inc. the leading provider of digital patient education for physicians, announce today a partnership agreement in order to initiate integration of Liberate Health in the UK’s National Health Service(NHS). […]

Three key questions on POC-Richard Nordstrom addresses #2

1. How important will point of care (POC) channels be for marketers in 2018? Where will they find the most value? 2. What new developments/innovations in the point of care channel can marketers expect in 2018 that could be game-changing? 3.What are the biggest challenges facing marketers in the point of care space in 2018, […]

Benefits of Patient Centered Communications

By Richard Nordstrom 11 Evidence Based reasons why providers and payers should go beyond global measures of patient communications and give serious thought to improving their physicians’ patient-centered communications capabilities with Liberate Health® Communications is one of the foundations of healthcare. Good communication is linked to improved patient satisfaction, adherence to medical recommendations, and health […]

‘Point Of Care’ Is Quickly Becoming A Primary Solution For Rx Marketing

by Traver Hutchins- Reprinted from Media Post/Healthcare/Marketing Oct 6, 2015 Pharma has long been characterized as lagging behind the rest of the marketing industry in terms of branding effectiveness and overall media impact. Regulatory guidelines in the industry are the largest contributor to this delta. While regulatory restraints continue to give an unfair advantage to […]

Content you can count on

The Liberate Health patient education platform is more than the go-to iOS-based mobile app that encourages patients to become active participants in their own healthcare—at the point of care…  It’s the right information at the right time.  Liberate Health offers range of easy-to-understand infographic-style disease/treatment education decks, all of which are developed in collaboration with […]

50,000 and counting

With more than 50,000 uses*, it’s clear that critical patient-clinician conversations are happening at the point of care and Liberate Health is the ‘go to’ education platform. Reaching this milestone has made Liberate Health one of the fastest growing patient engagement tools. More importantly, it: Demonstrates the usefulness and desirability of the platform Facilitates the […]

Recording the patient visit

The main objective of conducting a learning experience is to create change. In health care, this means changing a patient’s: Understanding of a disease state and its treatment Behavior so that they can take a more active role in managing their own health By using adult learning principles, we can better reinforce our skill-building efforts […]

Ready… and Action!

The audio recording functionality gives you a new level of communication in your patient education arsenal. You can record the conversation with your patients with the confidence of knowing your patients will go home fully informed with your information and instruction waiting for them in an email from Liberate Health that they can review multiple […]

To open the lines of communication with patients, you have to close the loop!

Depending on which article you read or who you talk to, patient portals are either the greatest triumph in healthcare today or they have totally failed to garner needed traction among clinicians and patients. We are so quick to unrealistically elevate expectations and equally as hasty to admit defeat. The truth, however, lies right in […]

Sending a PVR

Once you are done reviewing the educational deck with your patient, you have a have several options to save and/or share the patient visit record (PVR) with your patient. You can: Send the PVR to the patient (a great option to help remind your patient of what you discussed during the office visit) Save the […]