Nordstrom Named Personal Humanitarian Award Winner By Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange

  HEALTHCARE MARKETER’S EXCHANGE Humanitarian Award winners are . . . Verona, N.J., November 1, 2016 – HEALTHCARE MARKETER’S EXCHANGE (HME) is happy to announce the winners of the 2nd HEALTHCARE MARKETER’S EXCHANGE Humanitarian Awards. The HME Personal Humanitarian Award winner is Richard Nordstrom, Liberate Ideas, Inc. The HME Company Award winner is Sandbox. For […]

Digital Patient Engagement

Bio-Pharma marketers must create purposeful content in order to truly connect with both the HCP and patients if they want to drive behavior change There is a movement that is slowly gaining traction with bio-pharma marketers. Providing content that imparts value to the healthcare professional is more important than brand literature. Although this seems like […]

Cataract Awareness Month

Alcon Partners with Cheryl Ladd to Open Americans’ Eyes about the Importance of Knowing Your Cataract Eye-Q · New survey shows many adults do not fully understand the condition or treatment options · Survey results showcase a critical gap in education and awareness and aim to inspire patients to make informed decisions about their cataract […]

Patient Engagement

“The overall goal of patient engagement is to drive consistent, sustainable behavioral changes in patients, family members, caregivers and healthcare providers in order to improve not only healthcare, but health. A strategic priority if the potential of healthcare reform is to be realized, patient engagement must flow through all major care settings, from the traditional […]

12 New Ways to Help Patients Adhere to Treatment

Feature Articles by PM360 Staff on April 15th, 2016 We have all heard the numbers. Medication nonadherence can cost the healthcare industry billions of dollars ($337 billion in 2013 to be exact, according to Express Scripts). The pharmaceutical industry also loses—$188 billion annually, according to a 2012 Capgemini report. And often the patient loses. Studies have shown that […]

‘Point Of Care’ Is Quickly Becoming A Primary Solution For Rx Marketing

by Traver Hutchins- Reprinted from Media Post/Healthcare/Marketing Oct 6, 2015 Pharma has long been characterized as lagging behind the rest of the marketing industry in terms of branding effectiveness and overall media impact. Regulatory guidelines in the industry are the largest contributor to this delta. While regulatory restraints continue to give an unfair advantage to […]

Helping Patients Through Visual and Audio Information

“We throw paper and words at patients and it is crazy to think they will understand” — Brian Jack Chief of Family Medicine at Boston Medical Center An observant article in the Wall Street Journal last Monday finally acknowledged how clinicians can reduce and redefine a significant, chronic point of care issue: patients recall less […]

What Patients Need to Remember After Leaving the Hospital-New tools help patients retain critical information -Dec 1 WSJ article

This is a great article. I heard about this from the Innovation Fund people at NSLI Hospitals earlier this summer. The technology is rudimentary at best, a computer on a cart set up with video camera to do the recording. It highlights a significant point of care issue that is patients recall less than 10% […]

ACOs, Population Health and Delivering on the Promise of Improved Health Outcomes

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) – formal alliances of hospitals and physicians that assume responsibility for the cost and quality of care – have the potential to improve patient health while reducing the waste in the healthcare system. But, to make these gains, ACOs are changing the way healthcare is delivered – and significantly through the build […]

Liberate Health Contributes to PharmaVoice ‘Digital Patients’ Cover Story

The cover of this month’s PharmaVoice addresses the disruptive force of ‘digital patients’ on the pharmaceutical industry. Our CEO, Richard Nordstrom, contributes to the article, advocating for the role of clinicians in mediating digital tools and content to drive better patient engagement.  Read more here.