What Patients Need to Remember After Leaving the Hospital-New tools help patients retain critical information -Dec 1 WSJ article

This is a great article. I heard about this from the Innovation Fund people at NSLI Hospitals earlier this summer. The technology is rudimentary at best, a computer on a cart set up with video camera to do the recording. It highlights a significant point of care issue that is patients recall less than 10% […]

ACOs, Population Health and Delivering on the Promise of Improved Health Outcomes

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) – formal alliances of hospitals and physicians that assume responsibility for the cost and quality of care – have the potential to improve patient health while reducing the waste in the healthcare system. But, to make these gains, ACOs are changing the way healthcare is delivered – and significantly through the build […]

Are You Ready for Transformation at the Point of Care?

“Enormous changes occurring in the healthcare marketplace promise to transform the entire ecosystem. Government initiatives, technology advancements and medical innovation are all factors. The overarching challenge for healthcare professionals (HCPs) is how to best transform their practices in this new environment. They are looking for manufacturers to help bring value beyond the pill—and communications is […]

The Advantages Of Having A Medical Dictionary App On Your Mobile Device

Technology has revolutionized the way we think, live and work. Many industries are embracing new technologies that have altered the ways in which they operate; in particular, those working in the healthcare industry have become inundated with new tools that can help them in their business. The ever growing popularity of mobile devices has meant […]

Low Health Literacy Compromises Health, Increases Costs

Poor health literacy can result in poor health outcomes and increased medical costs for patients and the health care system.  Great article in the WSJ – read it here.