AAPA and Liberate Ideas Announce Collaboration on Innovative Health Channel


AAPA and Liberate Ideas, Inc. Collaborate to Bring Game-Changing Patient Education Platform to Healthcare Industry

Alexandria, VA - January 7, 2014 – The American Academy of Physician Assistants today announced a collaboration agreement with Liberate Ideas, Inc., developer of the healthcare education and iOS-based adherence platform Liberate Health®.  Liberate is a point-of-care tool designed to optimize the impact of the PA/patient interaction, advance the educational experience and overcome the limitations of traditional patient communications.

“We are constantly striving to provide high-impact resources to keep America’s more than 93,000 PAs ahead of the curve, and Liberate Health is a great platform to assist PAs,” said AAPA CEO Jennifer Dorn. “We’re excited to share this unique opportunity with our entire community. It stands to improve patient outcomes by enhancing patient education and engagement.”

Using dynamic visuals called infographics, Liberate educates patients at the point of care. The Liberate platform has the capability to capture the entire patient interaction in a recorded video file, which can then be emailed to the patient for later review. Research shows low healthcare literacy has an enormous impact on the total cost of treatment in the US and contributes to more than $300 billion in unnecessary medical costs annually. Infographics are visual learning tools and powerful communication tools that help improve patients’ understanding of their treatment and help with patient compliance.

The Liberate Health platform will be housed within AAPA’s mobile app. Additionally, the program is designed as a multi-sponsored solution, providing the teaching assets and adherence programs of all sponsors to create an aggregated content resource for PAs and patients. Sponsors will add value to the PA/patient interaction by providing patient education content.

“Through this partnership, Liberate Health and AAPA will facilitate better communication and more thorough understanding of the healthcare pathway by the patient during and after clinic visits,” said Liberate’s CEO Richard Nordstrom. “Liberate Health is the most advanced patient education platform designed to boost patient comprehension and improve adherence by providing a patient visit record through a HIPAA-compliant health portal.”

The rollout of Liberate Health to PAs will begin in January 2014.


About the American Academy of Physician Assistants  

Founded in 1968, the American Academy of Physician Assistants is the national professional society for physician assistants. It represents a profession of more than 93,000 certified PAs across all medical and surgical specialties in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the majority of the US territories and within the uniformed services. AAPA advocates and educates on behalf of the profession and the patients PAs serve. It works to ensure the professional growth, personal excellence and recognition of physician assistants and to enhance their ability to improve the quality, accessibility and cost-effectiveness of patient-centered healthcare. Visit  www.aapa.organd www.pasconnect.org to learn more.


About Liberate Ideas, Inc.

Liberate Ideas, Inc. is a Delaware-based corporation driven by the mission to improve health outcomes. By creating a host of free, mobile and web-based point-of-care patient education platforms that are continually updated, Liberate Health delivers digital tools into the hands of healthcare professionals and their patients. We harness actionable, real-time data to drive insights. http://liberatehealth.us/



Lisa Gables, Chief Development Officer, American Academy of Physician Assistants

Email:  lgables@aapa.org | Office: 571-319-4502


Richard Nordstrom, CEO, Liberate Ideas, Inc.

Email:  richard@liberate.com| Office: 973-509-4671 (Direct)


Visit http://liberatehealth.us/