50,000 and counting

With more than 50,000 uses*, it’s clear that critical patient-clinician conversations are happening at the point of care and Liberate Health is the ‘go to’ education platform.

Reaching this milestone has made Liberate Health one of the fastest growing patient engagement tools. More importantly, it:

  • Demonstrates the usefulness and desirability of the platform
  • Facilitates the enhanced communication to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes

Who’s using Liberate Health?


  • Physicians continue to be the largest users of Liberate Health’s app, representing 65% of its rapidly growing clinician base.
  • Family Practice doctors constitute the largest physician group at 25%
  • OB/GYNs are the fast growing physician specialty in terms of recent adoption, followed by Pediatrics, Pulmonology, Cardiology, Psychiatry and Dermatology

The Liberate Health platform currently contains a deck library of 47 conditions ranging from abdominal pain to viral hepatitis. Each condition deck is created in collaboration with globally recognized medical experts and reviewed by the Liberate Health team for clinical relevancy. Additional medical condition and treatment infographics and other enhancements are steadily being added to the library.

The decks contain a range of capabilities that enable each discussion to be customized—such as making notes and attaching files such as x-rays or lab results. And, with the audio option, the conversation can be recorded and saved, generating an audio-visual patient visit record (PVR). The PVR can be sent to a secure, HIPAA-compliant portal by the clinician for the patient to review online at a later time. These PVRs, are often viewed with caregivers and/or other family members, helping to ensure the patients better understand their diagnosis, their treatment and the instructions they were given which leads to better adherence and improved outcomes..

The Liberate Health app is available for free in the Apple iTunes store. It is compatible with Apple iPad and it will be available on Android in the future.

Visit http://liberatehealth.us/ and see why Liberate Health is quickly becoming an indispensable tool.

* Year-to-date, as of September 1, 2014.